What’s in Our Dishes?


Food and Benefits

Beverley’s Kitchen in Nassau, The Bahamas uses health-boosting ingredients in all our dishes. We take pride in serving delicious and appetizing food that is also filled with the nutrients your body needs.

Green Onion 

Has loads of fiber and helps fight against cancer and infections


Filled with anti-inflammatory properties, allspice boosts the immune system and aids in digestion

Bay Leaf

Treats respiratory conditions, has anti-cancer properties, and helps manage diabetes


Aids in digestion, helps with nausea, reduces pain and inflammation, and fights colds and flu


Filled with anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties and is a blood purifier that helps in the prevention of heart disease


Keeps your kidney health in check, acts as a diuretic, and aids in wound healing


Combats Alzheimer’s disease, fights cancer, and makes your bones stronger


Provides the body with iron, calcium, and magnesium


Aids in regulating blood sugar, reducing stomach ulcers, and killing off bacteria


Improves memory, concentration, neurological protection, and digestion

Goat Pepper

Filled with vitamins A and C that aid in preventing cell damage, cancer, and diseases as well as boost the immune system

Scotch Bonnet

A good source of phytochemicals and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron

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